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SirBroBot is a Java based bot, currently with greatest integration on Discord. Development on SirBroBot began on in March of 2016. With college and graduation, the project has been put on hold (sometimes for months) but is definifely a large focus of my life at the moment! The goal is full stack: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Steam; a SmartBot that knows who you are on any of the platforms, with a Database and customizable user options.

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To get started in Discord, use ?commands

  • Music Streaming + Youtube Search
  • Image utilities, including Microsoft's image recognition
  • Role Management
  • D&D Dice + Rand # Generator
  • Twitter search
  • Voice Channel Join/Switch/Leave Announcements via TTS (opt-in)
  • Customizable New User Join message (opt-in)
  • Text to ASCII
  • Server Info
  • Google Search
  • Ivan command for good comrade memes
  • Random Knight Image

  • Privacy Policy:

    SirBroBot currently stores no user data collected from Facebook or Discord. Messages sent to him are analyzed by API.AI's Natural Language Processing api, and a response is generated and sent to the appropriate medium (Skype, Facebook, Discord)